Ellen Mueller

Physical Intensive Workshop so far…

by Ellen Mueller on July 6, 2009, no comments

Here I am, already finished with the first two weeks of this four-week Physical Theatre Intensive workshop!  Time is flying by.

Dell’Arte International describes the weeks best on their website:
The essential work of Dell’Arte founder Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, known as “The Showers,”  because “you are never too clean to do them.” Through this set of structured improvisations — open, non-psychological play in the empty space of the stage, the cleansing of unnecessary habits — the actor becomes a more powerful presence. The Showers are complimented by  the FM Alexander Technique in vocal/physical work and by movement training with Donlin Foreman.
Week one was all about raising self-awareness for me, and a very good reminder of the hard work it takes to maintain quality work as an actor.  
Week 2: THE DRAMATIC REALMS: Melodrama Through Tragedy
The training proceeds as presence becomes intention; energy becomes action. The actor in the space; explorations in space, time, rhythms, music and visual forms; the poetic dimension of the protagonist or tragic hero(ine), epic and sacrifice. Melodrama teaches us about heightened stakes—“Life, ramped” (actor  Ethan Hawke).
Week two consisted of tragedy and melodrama work.  I was assigned to a group of 5 people, and we developed movement to accompany the tragic poem, The Cold Heaven, by Yeats.  If you’re not familiar with the poem, feel free to check out this YouTube video of it.  
Next week is comedy, and the last week is clown.  I’ll try to get more photos of the workshop participants, including myself, so keep an eye out!