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Everwood Farmstead

by Ellen Mueller on July 31, 2021, no comments

Ellen sitting at a table with art supplies

Portrait at Everwood Farmstead

I just had the most lovely week at Everwood Farmstead! If you’re an artist looking to get away and enjoy beautiful rural scenery (see below), check it out. The owners, Chris and Bill, were so welcoming, and the caretakers, Lisa and Adam were a great support.


I was able to work on a new series of wall-based sculptures, some watercolors, and my walking book.


An extra bonus was all the wildlife! I saw cranes, and hummingbirds, deer, chickens, baby robins, and this one black squirrel who ate all the mushrooms in the yard!

Left Field v.2

by Ellen Mueller on July 17, 2021, no comments

video projected on silos

July 16, 2021, Left Field v.2 by ACAB: A Community Arts Bandwagon

I was excited to be included in Left Field v.2, a collaboration with ACAB: A Community Arts Bandwagon. My work, Leisure Tests 07, was included in the screening.

Participating artists included: Bo Young An, Marcelese Cooper, Jessica Carolina González, Sky Maggoire, R1 Martens, Nancy Julia Hicks, myself, and Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk.

Screening of “Leisure Tests” Complete

by Ellen Mueller on June 13, 2021, no comments

movie theatre interior with people

Saturday, June 12 at 1:30pm we screened Leisure Tests at Trylon Cinema, and also held a Q&A session afterwards. It was so fun to gather with others again and enjoy a video work in a real theatre!

Many thanks to everyone who attended, and thank you to Chris Rackley for the thoughtful re-cap video posted to Instagram! Thanks too to the folks at Trylon Cinema who were a dream to work with – everything went so smoothly, and for a very reasonable rental fee. Be sure to reach out to them for your next screening project.


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