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Documentation of “Hands On”

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I’m at Jentel Artist Residency right now and catching up on some documentation from “Hands On,” and exhibition exploring the sense of touch. I was happy to present Eating & Making Together (Cheese Sculptures). It was a great experience, and I suggest everyone follow Sophie Durban’s future endeavors at Pancake House (4553 S. 34th Ave, Minneapolis, 55406).

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Documentation of “At A Distance 3”

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Documentation from "At a Distance 3"


I’m at Jentel Artist Residency right now and catching up on some documentation from At a Distance 3, which was presented on April 28, 2019 at Wedge Projects in Chicago. This was an exhibition of artworks that, for their final form, could be made in the absence of the artist(s). Many thanks to AP and the others that helped this exhibition happen!

Artists were asked to send only descriptions of and/or instructions for new pieces. Works selected for At A Distance #3 were produced by a small volunteer team, working in close communication with each artist. A version of my Survival Skills performance was on view. The organizers provided 5 pairs of gloves, and the instructions were as follows:

1. Each person puts on a pair of gloves.

2. Each person thinks of a pose that represents survival to themselves; no two poses can be the same.

3. Each person teaches their pose to the rest of the group.

4. Standing in a line, the group performs each pose in sequence as a group.

5. Gloves are removed, and 1-5 new people can repeat the process.