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3 VOLUMES at Rosalux Gallery

by Ellen Mueller on May 26, 2022, no comments

excess chaos carved into plastic

Value Study 3 [detail] (2021) custom-printed nylon curtain, gloves, cording, acrylic, chain, fringe; 75″x55″

I’m excited to have one of my Value Study installations included in the upcoming exhibition, 3 VOLUMES, at Rosalux Gallery, June 4-June 26, 2022.

Public Reception: Saturday, June 11, 7-10 pm
Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 12-4pm or by appointment; Free and open to all.

The fingers of capitalism touch every aspect of our lives -the artists in this group exhibition explore our collective experience living in its grasp. The works, curated by Priscilla Briggs from submissions for an international call for photo-based imagery and drawings for the zine series Dollars and Sense, explore themes of consumerism, globalization, social justice and the environment.

The 18 participating artists include: Miranda Brandon (Minneapolis, MN), Capucine Bourcart (New York, NY), Eilis Crean (Carrollton, GA), Jasper Fazio (Alexandria, VA), Jon Feinstein (Seattle, WA), Shoshana Fink (Minneapolis, MN), Judith Hornbogen (Leipzig, Germany), Stephen Joyce (Hudson Valley, NY), Elise Kirk (Lawrence, KS), Shanna Merola (Detroit, MI), Katerina Messini (Athens, Greece), John Morris (Newnan, GA), Ellen Mueller (Minneapolis, MN), Sonya Naumann (Los Angeles, CA), Areca Roe (Mankato, MN), Serena Small (Minneapolis, MN), Krista Steinke (Houston, TX), and Ojaswa Thapliyal (New Delhi, India).

3 VOLUMES is a set of zines that will be released in conjunction with the exhibition. This project is supported by a 2021 MNSAB Creative Support grant.

Twenty percent of sales will be donated to Honor the Earth Water Protectors. Honor the Earth’s mission is “to create awareness and support for Native environmental issues and to develop the essential financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities and global climate justice. Honor the Earth develops these resources by using Indigenous music, art, media, and wisdom to ask people to recognize our joint dependency on Mother Earth and be a voice for those not heard.”

“Walk With Us” at Rochester Art Center

by Ellen Mueller on May 1, 2022, no comments

people knocking over rocks

I’m excited to have Demarcation: Cairns Shore included in Walk With Us at Rochester Art Center.

This juried exhibition of 15 artists (87 submissions) will be on view May 14-October 3, 2022. The artworks will be exhibited in uncommon areas in the Art Center, including stairwells, doors and more. Visitors will be provided a map to guide them in the journey of discovering this experimental exhibition.

Exhibition Concept: When walking becomes an intentional activity, i.e., something more than utilitarian movement, worlds open up. Artists and creative thinkers have been aware of this key way into creativity for centuries, and so there is a deep history of writers, visual artists, scientists, philosophers and other creative thinkers engaged in this practice. Aristotle is famous for his peripatetic style of teaching, where his students walked about in the lyceum while he taught. This exhibit aims to share this pathway (so-to-speak) to creativity with audiences both inside the museum and in the broader public.

Artwork will be presented in the alcoves, stairways and other uncommon and uncelebrated spaces of the Art Center; those not typically used for exhibitions. The location and non-uniformity of these spaces will facilitate a walking-engagement of museum visitors, and conceptually reinforce the ideas behind the show. Events and programs will happen inside and outside the Art Center to accord with the nature of walking and to make art happen in a variety of public spaces in Rochester, MN.

Leisure Tests at WVMSFF

by Ellen Mueller on April 23, 2022, no comments

views of the river

Leisure Test 03, 2021, digital video, 1:35 minutes; Performer credit: Erika Hansen

I’m delighted to have my Leisure Tests series on view at the Greenbrier Room at WVU Mountainlair all day today (Saturday, April 23) as part of the West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival! If you’re in Morgantown, go pop by:

WVU Mountainlair
1550 University Ave,
Morgantown, WV 26505