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Twin Cities Book Festival by Rain Taxi

by Ellen Mueller on October 8, 2022, no comments

Twin Cities Book Festival screenshot

Fun news: I’ll be selling some of my Social Practice zines and a few copies of Some Social Practice at the Twin Cities Book Festival at the Title Collective table. This festival is a project of Rain Taxi, which champions aesthetically adventurous literature through publications, events, and service to the literary community.

The event runs 9am-6pm on October 15. If you want to come say hello, I’ll be masked and sitting at the table 3-6pm on Saturday, October 15. See you there?

four zines

Launch of Art Sprawl

by Ellen Mueller on October 2, 2022, no comments

Art Sprawl Banner


I started an experiment that builds on both my interests in independent publishing and visiting/reflecting on various artistic happenings. I’m hosting this short-form independent arts writing and reflection experiment at Art-Sprawl.com.

I’ve been documenting art experiences on my Instagram account for the past several years, and this new project builds on that photo-centric model. I’m curious about alternative and even absurdist modes of arts writing, publishing, and reflection. I wonder about collaborative  responses to artistic experiences, and perhaps some reflections that do not center the written word.

While the majority of my reflections are based out of the Twin Cities, the subjects of this experiment will not be limited only to that geography. I plan for this project to last a few months, and I will disclose if I have a preexisting relationship with any of the artists.

Interested in participating? Have an idea for a bit of reflection? Reach out: art.sprawl.info@gmail.com

I plan on maintaining a somewhat slow pace – publishing every 1-3 weeks. I won’t be featuring every exhibition/event I attend (I’ll keep posting those pics on my Instagram account) because I’m trying to keep the experiment manageable in scale. Feel free to subscribe via email at Art-Sprawl.com.

Work Featured in ‘Art for Everyone’ Textbook

by Ellen Mueller on September 2, 2022, no comments

cover of Art for Everyone

This is a delayed announcement (I remembered to post to Instagram, but forgot my own website!). I am delighted to have my work What It Takes featured in this textbook, Art for Everyone (Oxford University Press, 2022).

There is both a formal analysis of the work, as well as an interview featured in the book.

“Developed by practicing artists, Art for Everyone is a practical and accessible guide to art appreciation that emphasizes the creative process and the importance of art in our everyday lives. Art for Everyone pairs a thorough exploration of art techniques with the most concise introduction to
art history available, highlighting topics that are meaningful to today’s students.” – Chemeketa Community College Faculty

interview in a book