Ellen Mueller

Interview with Franko B

by Ellen Mueller on January 29, 2024, no comments

nude man walking down a runway with blood spots

Franko B, “I Miss You” (1999-2005), performance still. Photo Credit: Manuel Vason

As part of the release of my book, Walking as Artistic Practice (pre-orders now open for softcover shipping in April!), I’m going to be publishing some brief interviews with the various artists, authors, researchers, creatives, collectives, and platforms whose art practice, written material, or other works I cite and mention.

My 24th interview in this series is with Franko B (born in Milan in 1960), who is an Italian visual artist based in London, where he has lived since 1979. He studied fine art at Camberwell College of Arts (1986–87), Chelsea College of Art (1987–90) and the Byam Shaw School of Art (1990–91). Includes performance  video, photography, painting, installation, sculpture and Djing.

EM: First, thank you for chatting with me about your work I Miss You (1999-2005). I cite this work in chapter nine (Connections to Drawing) in the subsection on “Performance Links.” How would you describe the work for people who might not be familiar with it?

FB: visual art

EM: What are your thoughts on walking as artistic practice?

FB: we are always walking  i like walking . as an. artist practice ?. i love art , if it move me it can be what it need s or want to be .i do what is necessary to the image i’m trying to making

EM: Can you tell us about any recent or upcoming projects you are excited about? 

FB: life