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Montana State University

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I had a great time at ThinkTank9 in Bozeman at Montana State University, June 8-11, 2016. I was in a group focused on identity issues and global citizenship as it relates to the art/design foundations classroom. I met fantastic people, and we came up with some excellent take-aways that I will be using to to evaluate my own classes and assignments. There was a lot of focus on how to help students cultivate empathy and address challenging topics in the classroom.

Many kudos to the people who put this great conference together!


Call for FATE Presentations 2017: Social Practice in Foundations

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I am chairing a panel at the FATE conference in Kansas City, April 6th-8th, 2017. My panel is entitled, “Social Practice in Foundations,” and I’m looking for presenters. The deadline to submit is Friday, July 15th, 2016. Here’s the abstract:

“Social practice focuses on social engagement and collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutions as a form of participatory art. With the constant evolution of art and design foundations, where and how does this contemporary art form fit in? This panel seeks submissions that address strategies for introducing social practice as part of foundations programs. Topics of investigation could include, but are not limited to, project/assignment outlines and analysis, critique strategies, art historical analysis of pedagogical approaches, case studies examining existing curricular structures and how social practice fits into these, etc.

Submissions follow a 2-part process:

You do not need to be a current FATE member to apply; however, membership will be required at the time of the event. Conference registration fee is required of all. Presenters will be notified of their selection by August 1st, 2016.

Please share far and wide! I would love to hear from a wide variety of interested people.

Ireland Adventure

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Ireland Waterfall

The study-abroad trip to Ireland is nearly 2/3 done and we’ve seen a lot of beautiful places. We started in the west and are moving steadily towards Dublin, where we’ll spend the last portion of the trip.

Environmental Impact Statement’s Visual Quality Objectives

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In February I participated in the Portland-based artist collective Environmental Impact Statement’s Visual Quality Objectives, a project that invited artists of all disciplines to submit project ideas for a show that will not happen if logging commences on the north slope of Mt. Hood. All proposals were submitted as part of the public record for the Polallie Cooper Timber Sale in response to the Forest Service’s analysis of the potential impacts from commercial logging on public land.

Now those proposals are being exhibited in Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) + Virginia River Healers (VRH), an exhibition of the work of the two artist collectives from across the country, presented at SEDIMENT Arts, located in Richmond VA.

208 East Grace Street
Richmond Virginia 23219
May 6 – 28, 2016
Friday and Saturday from 1pm – 7pm or by appointment.

Issues of public land management in the west alongside private corporate PR tactics in the east form the foundations by which each collective has initiated projects to amplify awareness of what goes on out there. (Is there really an out there?) Through imaginative and performative tactics generated by each group, the exhibition explores the potential for artists to be powerful cultural agents in interpreting the systems that shape our world, and the values that people hold for the future of our planet.

Spring Semester 2016 Re-Cap

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Watercolor Wall

Overall the semester went really well! In Drawing II/Advanced Drawing we focused on figure drawing and color through the lens of graphic novels. We also had a lot of fun and went on a trip to Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Trip

In Intermedia we focused on the intersection of art and the internet. We learned to use Processing software, and made animated GIFs, memes, crowd-sources films, and glitch art.

Glitch Art

Credit: Ashlyn Hoak