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Call for 4D papers at SECAC 2016

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Screen Shot from OpenProcessing.org

Screen Shot from OpenProcessing.org

I am chairing a panel at SECAC in Roanoke, October 19-22th, 2016. My panel is entitled, Approaches to 4D Practices in Foundations,” and I’m looking for a few more presenters. Here’s the abstract:

With the constant evolution of art and design, more and more contemporary work moves into the realm of time-based practices. For the purposes of this panel, we will categorize time based (4D) art and design as the study of time-based media such as social practice, generative works, film/video, animation, performance art, motion graphics, sound art, game design, and any other time-based genres.

This panel seeks submissions that address strategies for introducing the foundations of time-based work, whether through dedicated classes or single lessons and projects. Topics of investigation could include, but are not limited to, recognizing elements/principles for 4D art & design (much like the elements/principles for 2D & 3D), critique strategies, approaches to stand-alone 4D Design courses, and approaches to integrating 4D projects into existing foundations classes..”

Proposals are due by April 20, 2016, and can be submitted at this link. Membership is required at the time of acceptance. Conference registration fee is required of all.

Please share far and wide! I would love to hear from a wide variety of interested people. 


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I’m excited to attend THINKTANK9 – Citizen/Artist: Education and Agency at Montana State University, Bozeman MT, June 8-11, 2016. I was very lucky to get the financial support of WVWC’s Center for Teaching and Learning to attend this conference.

TT9 brings together art and design master and emerging teachers and administrators to address thematic issues of higher education. It employs a mix of facilitated discussions, workshops and presentations, interspersed with informal meals and social interaction.

Aug/Sept Residency at Playa

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Playa Residency

CREDIT: https://goo.gl/ZdvnZU

Great news! I’ll be headed to Playa (pronounced “ply-uh”), located in the Oregon outback near Summer Lake in Lake County, for a 3-week residency in August/September this year.

More info in this great video:

PAPERWORK at Jordan Faye Contemporary

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Monotonize Still

Monotonize Series will be featured as a part of the upcoming EyeSplice Collective exhibit, PAPERWORK, opening Saturday April 9, 2016 at 6–9pm and will run through Saturday May 14.

PAPERWORK is a drawing show that focuses on the quiet acts of perseverance – the mundane or routine yet intentional gestures that mark and measure time, fill our days and accumulate to a tenacious pursuit. Paperwork can feel futile, absurd, and unsensational but it can also be a source of unexpected power.

Artists include: Megan HildebrandtSara HolwerdaLauren Alyssa HowardMagnolia LaurieCynthia MasonEllen MuellerMegan PiontkowskiChristine Sajecki.

Opening Saturday April 9, 6–9pm
April 9 – May 14, 2016