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Collecting Rectangles – Call for Participation

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Collecting Rectangles

Embossed white plastic card

Participation Form

Fill in the participation form and email a copy to ellen@ellenmueller.com

I have a performance on Thurs, Nov 19, 2015 where I’m going to use a manual credit card embossing machine to type out people’s visions of their personal ‘vanilla utopias.’

It’s taking place in Buckhannon WV, so I’m asking those who cannot come to the performance to participate by submitting their utopia to me online. Fill out the participation form (you can print it off and write on it, or use Photoshop or Microsoft Paint to fill it in) and email a copy of it to me at ellen@ellenmueller.com.

These early submissions will be on display as part of the exhibit (Mon, Nov 16- Fri, Nov 20, 2015) before the live performance takes place.

Featured in NMC/Media-N article

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Media-N Journal

The CAA Conference Edition (New York 2015) of NMC/Media-N (the journal associated with New Media Caucus) just released their online and print editions for SRING 2015: V.11 N.02.

Tiffany Funk wrote a great article on the New Media Caucus Sixth Annual Showcase & Reception at Hunter College where I gave a brief talk on my work. The article is entitled, “Showcase Report,” and can be viewed HERE. The article features images of all the speakers’ work, including several from my recent Synergism series.

Ox-Bow Residency

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Convent Studio

View of “The Convent” Studio from the outside. My room is the door on the left.

This week and next I’m at Ox-Bow Artist Residency in Saugatuck, Michigan (don’t worry – I have all my classes covered!). While I’m here, I’ll be working on some videos and 3D modeled/printed projects.

Basement Studio

I am shooting video in a basement space with track lighting.

I feel especially lucky to be here because last year at this time I was called away after only 1 day of the residency to take care of Phil after his bicycle accident. Ox-Bow has been kind enough to invite me back this fall to complete my residency, so here’s to new artwork!

Impulse Sealer

A still from some footage I’ve been shooting while at Ox-Bow. This is a machine for heat-sealing plastic bags.

Here’s a list of all the artists that are taking part in the fall residency program while I’ll be here:

Cudelice Brazelton, Jessica Hyatt, Sofia LeibyJesse MalmedLJ RobertsMitsu SalmonMelissa SteckbauerKwon-Yuan PanBlair BoginEllen MuellerVanesa ZendejasKeith KosteckiAnne MuntgesIan PageDaviel ShyBriony GalliganEli GoldMary HillCarlie TrosclairAlex CohenHolly Murkerson

Take-aways from Digital Pedagogy Institute

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Credit: http://www.mansionhillinn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/memorial-union-terrace.jpg

Credit: http://www.mansionhillinn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/memorial-union-terrace.jpg

The Digital Pedagogy Institute was a very intense week-long experience. Here are a few concepts that were highlighted/reinforced (I took the track focused on on identity).

Regarding identity and privilege…

1. Listening is super important. You must actively listen to people and acknowledge what you have heard, without interrupting them, in order to create a classroom that is respectful and caring. Side note: ‘Safe spaces’ are impossible to achieve and it’s important to openly acknowledge that fact in class with your students while impressing the importance of respectfulness.

2. Taking the time to set up guidelines for respectful discourse will pay off. Likewise, if you neglect this step, you will waste a lot of time on emotional turmoil/breakdowns, and potentially turn students away from concepts you had hoped to promote.

3. I walked away with some great examples/illustrations of how students might think they know someone just by looking at them or via limited online interactions, but it’s really important to withhold judgement based on visual markers of identity or other un-confirmed assumptions. This is such a key concept for students to internalize as early as possible so they can avoid hurting others and embarrassing themselves.

Regarding ‘the digital’…

3. Balance is always key. You need to balance your goals as an instructor with the goals of your institution (in terms of assessment and accreditation). It is also important to balance digital approaches with live approaches.

4. Serious play is gaining appreciation as a pedagogical approach. I spoke on this issue at MACAA in 2012, when I co-chaired a panel entitled Making Bullshit: Serious Play and Failure in Arts Education and Professional Practice, a few years ago. So that’s neat!

5. The take-away I’ll be returning to again and again is this extensive list of tools/projects provided by Andrea Rehn from Whittier College, and a variety of shared Google documents created during the conference.