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Presenting at MACAA: “Community & Context – A Case Study”

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Learning From Place: Bdote Tour – Part of the fall 2021 “Community & Context” course

I’m excited to be presenting information about the “Community & Context” class I taught last fall on the 2022 MACAA Conference panel From Local to Global: Crossing Borders to Create Place Sensitive Art Practice and Education. Here is the abstract:

Equity and inclusion in the classroom is a broad goal we are all striving for. A question that frequently arises is, ‘How?’ In this presentation I will be walking through a case study of a one-credit course, Community & Context, recently created and deployed at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design MFA program to promote cross-cultural competence, anti-racism, and place-based contextual awareness for our multi-national cohorts of interdisciplinary makers. I will be walking through discussion topics, exercises, resources, and field trip criteria used to help prepare students with their transition to a new place, introducing them to often overlooked histories of this place, and helping them to articulate the context of their own creative work. I will also distribute some zines and other handouts that help outline our program’s approach to designing this course and how the end-experience was structured, with hopes that participants will be able to use these materials at their home institutions to affect change to their own curricula.

I’ll be presenting March 31 from 1-3 pm (Register Here), along with Dan Jian (Texas Christian University) and Ryann Casey (Stockton University). The panel is co-chaired by Mariana Smith (Stockton University), and Boryana Rusenova-Ina (Texas Tech University). Here is the panel description:

This panel invites scholars, academics, and studio artists to engage in conversation around borders, migration, and place sensitive art practice and education. The current global crisis makes it particularly important to reflect on the relationship between the local and the global, especially in art practice that examines the effects of displacement on cultural memory, personal and collective identity. We welcome presentations that consider the politics, identities, and ethics, which different places can produce. Embracing interdisciplinarity, we also seek presentations from educators that highlight the pedagogical strategies, methods, and skills needed to promote cross-cultural competence in multilingual and multi-national environments.


“The Sidewalk Inside” at Fountain Street Gallery

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Leisure Test 03, 2021, digital video, 1:35 minutes; Performer credit: Erika Hansen

Fountain Street Gallery and Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) have teamed up to present “The Sidewalk Inside”, an indoor screening of digital media art that has been featured outdoors at Fountain Street’s Sidewalk Video Gallery. My work Leisure Test 03 will be a part of this screening.

Contract Signed with SUNY Press

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Summer 2019, “Walking as Artistic Practice”

I’m excited to announce I will be publishing a new book, Walking as Artistic Practice with SUNY Press. The contract has been signed, and now the process of wrapping up the text begins! (I’m about 1/2 way through writing the text, so I’m going to be a little distracted by this project until August 1… just a heads up…)

The content of this book is based on the Walking as Artistic Practice class I have been developing over the past three summers at MCAD Continuing Ed (thanks to classes in 2019, 2020, and 2021!).


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call for presentations

I am excited to be chairing a panel at the SECAC Conference in Baltimore, MD, October 26 – 29, 2022, entitled, Supporting Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion in Critique. This was our panel for the 2021 conference that was cancelled (I’m excited that the wonderful Allison Ysukawa will be presenting on the panel too!). We’re looking for 2-3 more presenters. Here’s the abstract:

As diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion [DEAI] becomes more widely supported and integrated into higher education, various sub-topics have become more prominently visible, including critique practices. We see evidence of this renewed interest via a number of sources, from the 2016 documentary film, “Room of Silence,” to highly structured critique approaches such as Liz Lerman’s “Critical Response Process”, to full books such as Pamela Fraser and Roger Rothman’s “Beyond Critique” (2018) or Terry Barrett’s “Crits: A Student Manual” (2018). This panel seeks submissions that address the intersection of critique and DEAI. Topics of investigation could include, but are not limited to, examining existing or proposed approaches that foreground DEAI considerations; discussing student preparation for critique; looking at the past, present, and future of these practices; integrating technology; or examining other related topics.

Proposals are due by March 17. SECAC membership is required if your presentation is accepted. Conference registration fee is required of all.

To submit, select “Studio Art” from the drop-down menu, and then a new drop-down will appear where you can click the title of my panel:

screenshot of application portal

If you’ve never written a conference proposal before, here’s a great article about how to write one.

Conference Dates: October 26 – 29, 2022
Venue: Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, 202 E Pratt St
Call for Presentations/Papers Due: 
Website: https://secacart.org/page/Baltimore

Please share far and wide! I would love to hear from a wide variety of interested people. 

3rd Kenai Film Bunker Showcase: Between Variations

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ariel views of a barge tie off

I’m excited to have selections from Leisure Tests included in this screening!

Hosted by: Kenai Film Bunker
Organized by: ‘Takju’, a film company
Date: December 23rd 17:30
Venue: Corner Theater (BNK Busan Bank Art Cinema 3F)
Ticket: Free
Reservation: On-site

This festival marks the third year of this annual film festival organized and hosted by Kinai Film Bunker, established in 2016. From independent films and experimental films containing the organic sensibility and color of Busan, to the latest works of American artists who show a dynamic and unique cinematic perspective, the theme of the 2021 film festival is intended to provide a basis for screening local independent film directors who are particularly concerned about new art forms, and through this, open an interesting way of communication with the audience.

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