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Week 3 of the Physical Intensive – Comedy and Acrobatics

by Ellen Mueller on July 11, 2009, no comments

To start things off, here’s a pic from last week’s project in the realm of tragedy and set to the Yeats poem: This week is described on the Dell’Arte International website as: Week 3: THE DRAMATIC REALMS: The Human Comedy With a focus on craft–  rhythm, timing, partnership, entrance/exit, dynamics, the mask and more – […]

Physical Intensive Workshop so far…

by Ellen Mueller on July 6, 2009, no comments

Here I am, already finished with the first two weeks of this four-week Physical Theatre Intensive workshop!  Time is flying by. Dell’Arte International describes the weeks best on their website: Week 1 : “NEVER TOO CLEAN” The essential work of Dell’Arte founder Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, known as “The Showers,”  because “you are never too clean to […]

Dell’Arte International Photos

by Ellen Mueller on June 28, 2009, no comments

Here are some pics of Dell’Arte International, Blue Lake CA. This is the Main Office, where they have an indoor theatre and an outdoor theatre behind the building.  They also have a couple rehearsal rooms/studios, and all the admin offices here. This is another view of the main building. This is one of the studios […]

Blue Lake, California

by Ellen Mueller on June 28, 2009, no comments

Here are some pics of quaint little Blue Lake, CA. This is the type of housing we live in.   This is the Blue Lake Museum. I haven’t been yet, but I plan on swinging by on Sunday – it’s only open in the afternoons on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These poppies are all over […]