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Week 3 of the Physical Intensive – Comedy and Acrobatics

by Ellen Mueller on July 11, 2009, no comments

To start things off, here’s a pic from last week’s project in the realm of tragedy and set to the Yeats poem: This week is described on the Dell’Arte International website as: Week 3: THE DRAMATIC REALMS: The Human Comedy With a focus on craft–  rhythm, timing, partnership, entrance/exit, dynamics, the mask and more – […]

Physical Intensive Workshop so far…

by Ellen Mueller on July 6, 2009, no comments

Here I am, already finished with the first two weeks of this four-week Physical Theatre Intensive workshop!  Time is flying by. Dell’Arte International describes the weeks best on their website: Week 1 : “NEVER TOO CLEAN” The essential work of Dell’Arte founder Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, known as “The Showers,”  because “you are never too clean to […]