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Ellen Update – Summer Edition

by Ellen Mueller on May 11, 2009, one comment

So I just wrapped up my first year of grad school, and am loving the free time to finally take full advantage of the beach! This semester has been a hectic one (when isn’t it?) full of exhibitions and performances (and more and more and more). This summer is going to be busy, but very […]

1st week Grad school DONE and Going to NYC!

by Ellen Mueller on August 29, 2008, no comments

Well, I’ve completed my first week of grad school, and am sufficiently over-whelmed. I have a “Contemporary Thought” class that requires 1 full day per week just for reading the articles required for class (the professor suggests using Saturdays). I have a “Graduate Seminar” class that surprised us with a required trip to NYC in […]

FLOCAS postcard almost ready to go…

by Ellen Mueller on August 21, 2008, no comments

I just finished prepping the postcards for the printers. Once they’ve been proofed, off they go! (let me know if you see any mistakes!) I’m pretty excited for this show. I’m learning a lot of important things about marketing a show in Tampa, which was one of my main goals in joining the marketing committee […]

Traveling show down in Florida

by Ellen Mueller on June 23, 2008, no comments

Three of my pieces from the Their Turn Series have been selected for the fall traveling FloCAS exhibition (Florida Consortium of Art Schools), juried by North Miami Museum of Contemporary Art Director Bonnie Clearwater. I’m super excited because the show will travel to Tallahassee in August, Gainsville in September, and Tampa in October. Three cities […]