Ellen Mueller

Ellen Update – Summer Edition

by Ellen Mueller on May 11, 2009, one comment

So I just wrapped up my first year of grad school, and am loving the free time to finally take full advantage of the beach! This semester has been a hectic one (when isn’t it?) full of exhibitions and performances (and more and more and more).
This summer is going to be busy, but very fun:
– Today I start an art history course entitled, “Against Interpretation,” which should be a good time 😉
– Then, June 16 – July 17 I’ll head out to Dell’Arte International in Blue Lake CA for a month of performance workshops, for which I cannot wait! I’m hoping it will stir up some inspiration for the grant performance I have to conjure by next October.
– I’ll also be swinging by Minneapolis for a visit August 4-9, so I’ll be very excited to catch some MN Fringe Festival shows and see my dentist (I had no idea it would be so hard to find a good dentist in FL)!
– And before you know it, school starts Aug 24 (I’ll be teaching my own section of Beginning Drawing – awesome!).
That’s about all the news from Tampa for now…