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Bubbler Gallery

by Ellen Mueller on December 10, 2018, no comments

Right before I moved to Minnesota this past summer, I completed a project I’m very proud of: The Bubbler Gallery. It is an informal exhibition space installed above some water fountains (locally referred to as bubblers) at the CVPA Star Store building. It is a highly trafficked area where students and the public can take […]

Re-cap of Teaching Social Practice Conference

by Ellen Mueller on October 16, 2017, no comments

The Teaching Social Practice Conference is now complete, and I was delighted with the turn-out and feedback. Below is a schedule of the presenters along with links to each of their presentations from the live-stream of the event. [Click the bold times to jump directly to each person’s presentation] 1:37:09 M. Michelle Illuminato // Portland State […]

Teaching Social Practice Conference

by Ellen Mueller on July 21, 2017, no comments

Great news! As of today 40 people have registered for the Teaching Social Practice Conference. They are coming from far and wide: MA, RI, CT, TX, NY, OR, OH, CO, ME, NC, IA, and IN. Making the conference accessible to as many people as possible has been an ongoing effort, which is why we’ve included […]

Teaching Social Practice Event

by Ellen Mueller on May 23, 2017, no comments

Remember that awesome regional event I held in 2016 on 4D foundations? Well, I’m putting together something similar… For this October, I’m planning a free 1-day event/conference focused on teaching social practice. It will be located at UMass Dartmouth, and I’m surveying people to set the exact date and content. Please spread the word! I’ve targeted people in Massachusetts […]