Ellen Mueller

Teaching Social Practice Conference

by Ellen Mueller on July 21, 2017, no comments

Teaching Social Practice Conference

Great news! As of today 40 people have registered for the Teaching Social Practice Conference. They are coming from far and wide: MA, RI, CT, TX, NY, OR, OH, CO, ME, NC, IA, and IN.

Making the conference accessible to as many people as possible has been an ongoing effort, which is why we’ve included the Family Project Space (to help people with children attend), and why we distributed three $150 travel stipends to help adjunct/unaffiliated instructors attend (often travel/research funds are unavailable to part-time instructors).

Once we promote this event to the UMass Dartmouth community as well, I think we’ll have a really nice-sized crowd. If you know anyone that might be interested in registering, please spread the word: