Ellen Mueller

Re-cap of Teaching Social Practice Conference

by Ellen Mueller on October 16, 2017, no comments

Teaching Social Practice Conference

The Teaching Social Practice Conference is now complete, and I was delighted with the turn-out and feedback. Below is a schedule of the presenters along with links to each of their presentations from the live-stream of the event.
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1:37:09 M. Michelle Illuminato // Portland State University
http://michelleilluminato.com/ , https://alfredline.com/ , http://nextquestion.org
—- Presentation: “Going Outside” and The Line project at Alfred University

1:49:01 Amanda Leigh Evans // Artist
—- Presentation: Collaborative life/art in an affordable housing community

1:58:00 Katie Kehoe // VisArts to Adjunct Faculty, Department of Sculpture and Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
—- Presentation: Criteria for considering socially engaged art

2:11:40 Marin Abell // Metropolitan State University of Denver
—- Presentation: enhancing awareness, looking more closely, listening as it relates to teaching social practice

2:23:34 Jeff Kasper // Queens College, CUNY
http://jeff-kasper.co/ , http://socialpracticequeens.org/ , http://artdept.qc.cuny.edu/
—- ​Presentation: Action Art: student-led social practice projects in action.

2:43:34 Roz Crews // Artist in Residence at UMASS Dartmouth
—- Activity: facilitating collaborative projects with a classroom of students

3:16:43 Lucia Monge // Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, Nature Lab staff
—- Presentation: interdisciplinary collaboration

3:27:27 Cat Tyc // CUNY (Laguardia, Bronx Community College)
—- Presentation: CONSUME (s) ME project

3:35:39 Sidney Stretz // University of North Carolina Greensboro
—- Presentation: failure in social practice

3:50:54 Karen Gergley // Graceland University
—- Activity: power and privilege in the classroom

4:10:13 Adam Carlin // University of North Carolina Greensboro
http://adamcarlin.us/ , http://greensboroprojectspace.com/
—- Presentation: Methods for creating experiential programs for University content, and how the model of a project space is well suited for a University

4:24:34 Melanie Crean // Parsons School of Design (The New School University)
—- Presentation: social justice curriculum based on visual narrative & performance

4:40:07 Ross Schlemmer // Southern Connecticut State University
—- Presentation: Social Practice and Pedagogical Intervention: Interrupting Conditions of Inequality

4:58:27 Chloë Bass // Queens College, CUNY
http://chloebass.com/ , http://socialpracticequeens.org/ , http://artdept.qc.cuny.edu/
—- Presentation/Activity: building conversational practices (between collaborative partners, within small groups, with people who are “above” us, with community, and with the media)

5:27:32 Molly Sherman // Texas State University
—- Presentation: Collaborative Books and Participatory Publishing

5:49:48 Ruth Burke // Independent Artist
—- Presentation: ethics of navigating communities involving farmers/livestock

5:59:41 ||-|| Jane D. Marsching // Massachusetts College of Art and Design
http://www.janemarsching.com/ , http://www.plotformplot.org/
—- Presentation: Climate communities, resilience, and social practice

6:09:06 ||-|| Carol Padberg // University of Hartford
—- Presentation: Exchange not Extraction: Developing a Practical Ethics of Engagement

6:27:12 ||-|| Emma Colburn and Kristi Oliver
—- Presentation: Summary of the Family Project Space, and invitation to attend pop-up