Ellen Mueller

Tampa’s Neighborhood Watch: A Projection Walk

by Ellen Mueller on August 19, 2011, 2 comments

Neighborhood Watch will take place Saturday, August 27 in Hampton Terrace (link to map) a division of Seminal Heights Neighborhood in Tampa FL. The walk will begin at 1400 Comanche, and wrap around to 1221 Powhattan. This is a one-night-only art exhibition running 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM. Admission is free.

For one night only, Hampton Terrace is transformed into an alternative exhibition space. Various forms of Fine Art will be projected throughout the neighborhood.  Over 25 local, national, and international artists will be featured in this exhibition.

Featured Artists include Felici Ancatar, Toni Danette Billick, Jaime Bird, The Church of Holy Colors, Michael Covello, Vanessa Diaz, JD Durham, Stephen Ellis, Dave End, Kale Roberts, Robb Fladry, Adam Hill, Aaron Hutcheson, Reiko Kawahara, Vincent Kral, Sarah Krupp, Culture Laboratory, Ben Lewis, Chalice Mitchell, Desiree Moore, Ellen Mueller, Brinson Renda, Selina Roman, Noah Simblist, Kirk Ke Wang, and many more.

Both my Practical Preparedness videos and the Book of Enid will be projected at this Neighborhood Watch.
The Neighborhood Watch was originally designed after the classical all American drive-in theatre, and aimed to share art by creating an accessible space outside of the traditional museum setting. For the past five years this event has been exchanging and projecting artwork in various neighborhoods and in multiple countries. Participating countries are Bhutan, Australia, France, Mexico and cities in the United States including Tampa Florida. The Neighborhood Watch is a global simultaneous one-night event of projected art, performance, and sculpture brought to your own lawn.