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Pre-Order 4D Book!

by Ellen Mueller on January 13, 2016, no comments

Elements and Principles of 4D Art & Design

The book is finally here! Well, almost here… pre-order is open, and books will ship Feb 12, 2016. Get yours now!

Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design is excellent. The writing style is approachable and the content is broad. With wide-ranging examples from gaming and performance to fine art to activism, the book establishes critical and creative foundations for approaching 4D.” –Glenda Drew, University of California, Davis

“I am very excited for this text. It is exactly what my students need. Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design covers very basic attributes of fine art and design in a descriptive way. These basic attributes are then combined with great contemporary art and solid in-class exercises. The text is well written and engaging.” –Cyane Tornatzky,Colorado State University

“This book is punctuated with ideas for class exercises, a variety of time-based art examples, and interviews with artists and designers. It is flexible and can be applied to a diverse range of time-based methods and goals. I am not aware of any other existing textbook that achieves all of this.” — Kate Shannon, Ohio State University, Mansfield