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2016 SECAC Conference

by Ellen Mueller on October 12, 2016, no comments

SECAC’s Travel Shorts. A Moving Image Festival will be on view at the Armory Mezzanine Gallery at Virginia Tech during the 2016 SECAC Conference. My work, Demarcation: Cairns Shore, will be a part of this project.  I’ll also be chairing a panel at the SECAC conference in Roanoke entitled, “Approaches to 4D Practices in Foundations,” on Friday, Oct 21, 8am-9:45am. My panelists include: […]

Pre-Order 4D Book!

by Ellen Mueller on January 13, 2016, no comments

The book is finally here! Well, almost here… pre-order is open, and books will ship Feb 12, 2016. Get yours now! “Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design is excellent. The writing style is approachable and the content is broad. With wide-ranging examples from gaming and performance to fine art to activism, the book […]

Manuscript has Been Sent

by Ellen Mueller on September 20, 2014, no comments

I sent in my completed manuscript for “Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design” to Oxford University Press! Hooray for crossing a big item off the to-do list! Now I will wait approximately 6 weeks for feedback from my editors, as well as professors to whom they send the textbook for review… fingers crossed […]

More details about the 4D Book

by Ellen Mueller on May 27, 2014, no comments

UPDATE: The book is now available (click here)! People have been asking for more information on my new textbook project, Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design, which I will be publishing with Oxford University Press, a not-for-profit publisher. As I mentioned in my contract announcement, 4D art & design refers to those practices that […]

Contract Signed with Oxford University Press

by Ellen Mueller on May 24, 2014, one comment

I’m excited to announce I will be publishing Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design with Oxford University Press. The contract has been signed, and now the process of wrapping up the text and securing image/video rights begins! (I’m going to be a little crazy for the rest of the year, just fyi…) 4D […]