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Grant Progress

by Ellen Mueller on June 14, 2009, no comments

It’s time for an update on that grant I first mentioned last December (Fanaticism, Sustainability, & America).  It’s been a long bumpy road, but we finally have a survey up online for USF students (sorry we couldn’t open it up to people beyond the USF campus – I was really bummed we had to restrict our sample population so much!).  

The other people on my grant team developed the survey and will use it’s results to write a paper.  Meanwhile, I’ll be taking the results and using them as source material for a performance piece.  The two workshops I’m attending at Dell’Arte International are also partially funded by this grant and will contribute to my research for this performance piece.  
I’ve already started some visual research by compiling the first 10 pages of Google image search’s results on the three key words: Fanaticism, Sustainability, & America.  All the images have been printed out and collaged together for a quick reference on my studio wall.


Full collection of images
Detail shot
Detail Shot