Ellen Mueller

Collecting Rectangles – Call for Participation

by Ellen Mueller on October 8, 2015, no comments

Collecting Rectangles

Embossed white plastic card

Participation Form

Fill in the participation form and email a copy to ellen@ellenmueller.com

I have a performance on Thurs, Nov 19, 2015 where I’m going to use a manual credit card embossing machine to type out people’s visions of their personal ‘vanilla utopias.’

It’s taking place in Buckhannon WV, so I’m asking those who cannot come to the performance to participate by submitting their utopia to me online. Fill out the participation form (you can print it off and write on it, or use Photoshop or Microsoft Paint to fill it in) and email a copy of it to me at ellen@ellenmueller.com.

These early submissions will be on display as part of the exhibit (Mon, Nov 16- Fri, Nov 20, 2015) before the live performance takes place.