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4D Regional FATE Event

by Ellen Mueller on October 16, 2015, no comments

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I’m looking at offering a FATE Regional Event during spring semester at West Virginia Wesleyan College. The event will focus on 4D art/design foundations approaches (moving beyond 2D and 3D to add time-based activities).

Know anyone that would be interested in attending? Please check out this online form where you can indicate dates that would work well for you, and mention any specific items you’d like to address or hear more about.


So far people have suggested the following possible topics, and I can’t wait to see what else gets suggested:

— recognizing elements/principles for 4D art & design (much like the elements/principles for 2D & 3D)
— approaches to stand-alone 4D Design courses
— approaches to integrating 4D projects into existing foundations classes
— curriculum and course design building towards various foci (graphic design/animation, interactive art/design, sound art, etc)
— recent successes and challenges encountered
— examining the ratio of software-based projects to to more experiential, relational, and social practice-based work
— critique strategies
— assessment tools
— maintaining multi-use studio
— maker spaces
— teaching non-Art majors and general study students and Art majors concurrently
— useful resources (example: Array listserv http://www.arrayproject.com/content/discussion )