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Call for Presentations: 4D Foundations

by Ellen Mueller on June 1, 2014, no comments

4D Foundations

I am chairing a panel at the Foundations in Art: Theory and Education Conference in Indianapolis, March 25 – 28, 2015. My panel is entitled, “4D Foundations: New Media in an Old Media Classroom,” and I’m looking for presenters. Here’s the abstract: 

“4D Design is a foundational course growing in popularity as programs adapt to an ever-changing artistic landscape that encompasses a larger technological and conceptual scope. For the purposes of this panel, we will categorize 4D Design as the study of time-based media such as film/video, animation, performance art, social practice, motion graphics, sound art, game design, and any other time-based genres.

This type of course falls neatly in line with established foundational courses such as 2D and 3D Design, however there are no standing projects or course structures that one can generally expect to encounter when one walks into a 4D Design classroom. This reality is due to the wide ranging nature of the field, its relative newness, and the technological and human resources at the disposal of any given art department.

This panel seeks submissions that address projects or course structures for 4D Design courses along with rationale for their use. Topics of investigation could include, but are not limited to, integrating conceptual challenges, techniques/approaches for introducing technology/software, approaches to craft, unique critique approaches, approaches to the elements and principles of 4D design, and any other challenges/solutions related to this course.”

Please fill out the submission form [HERE] and then email your abstract information and cv directly to me at ellen@ellenmueller.com. Carefully edit your abstract to no more than 200 words; longer abstracts will be cut off at that point. You may submit no more than 2 paper proposals for consideration. At the conference you may present only 1 paper. When emailing your proposal, please put “Tectonic Shifts Paper Proposal:” followed by your full name in the subject line.  Example: Tectonic Shifts Paper Proposal: Jane Smith

Paper proposal information and CV’s must be submitted to the session chairs by MIDNIGHT July 1, 2014. 

NOTE: FATE membership is required for all accepted presenters by December 31, 2014. Conference registration fee is required of all presenters.