Ellen Mueller

What Happens at the Intersection of Conceptual Art and Teaching?

by Ellen Mueller on May 26, 2023, no comments

book titled 'What happens at the intersection of conceptual art and teaching?'

Photo Credit: Jorge Lucero

Delighted to be in this book; it has been a long, long time coming. At the beginning of the pandemic 39 artist-scholar-teachers from all over the world took up the question, “What Happens at the Intersection of Conceptual Art and Teaching?” in a live 6 hour and 10 minute zoomposium. Catalina Hernández Cabal and Jorge Lucero then got to work on the publication of all the work presented that night, and had the honor to edit and steer this project. All 100 images in the book were reinterpreted as graphite drawings by artist Lydia Ahn. Meeusontwerpt (graphic designers Janna and Hilde Meeus) beautifully designed the bookwork and the Lectoraat Kunsteducatie AHK published it!! And now it’s here for you to own.

four photos of the same book in different positions

Photo Credit: Jorge Lucero

With contributions by Emiel Heijnen and Melissa Bremmer, Dan Barney, Agnieszka Grodzinska, Ellen Mueller, Sam Rocha, Eunji Lee, Miriam Dolnick and Casey Murtaugh, Brian Black and Ryan Bullis, Nathan Shackelford, Heath Schultz, Kira Hegeman, Christina Hanawalt, Clark Goldsberry, Paulina Camacho, Angela Baldus, Allison Rowe, Lillian Lewis, Cala Coats, Mindi Rhoades and Brooke Hofses, Guen Montgomery, Sue Uhlig, Kaleb Ostraff, Ross Schlemmer, Albert Stabler, Alice Costas, Dennis Helsel, Rachel L.S. Harper, Elissa Rashkin, Nicole Marroquín, Catalina Hernandez Cabal and Natalia Espinel, Ross Roadruck, Fredric Gunve, Anne Thulson, Sam Peck, and Stephanie Springgay. (see Instagram links for contributers below)

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