Ellen Mueller

What Are You Watching?

by Ellen Mueller on April 9, 2015, no comments

What are you watching

Chief Resource Management Officer: Brushing will be featured at the Stairwell Gallery for the exhibition, What Are You Watching?

What Are You Watching?
Saturday, April 11, 6-8pm
Reception and Screening between 11am and 11pm

Stairwell Gallery
24 E Main St
Bloomsburg PA 17815

Artists Include: Patrick Moser, Rachel Yorkovich, Simon Welch, Samantha Dillehay, Sydney Stretz, Cindy Hinant, Renee M Browne, Ellen Mueller, Laine Godsey, Ricky Bardy, Christopher Luther, Ron Lambert, Adam Forrester, Simone and Max, Katina Bitsicas, Frank McCauley, John Whitten, Zack Rafuls, David Anderson, Dave Kube, Travis Janssen, Kati Toivanen, Jonathan Johnson, Christopher Lineberry, Angus McCarthy