Ellen Mueller

We were selected for the grant!

by Ellen Mueller on December 12, 2008, one comment

We were selected for the grant!

In November, I, and a group of 3 other students, applied for the 2008 – 2009 USF Graduate Student Challenge Grants for Building Research Partnerships Across Disciplines. Our proposal was entitled, “Fanaticism, America, and Sustainability.” We proposed to research the status of fanaticism in America, and how fanaticism correlates to the sustainability of populations and the environment. Our sample population is 18-38 year old Americans. We will explore how their beliefs about environmental sustainability affect their fanaticism, and vice versa.

It sounds kind of dense and academic, but I’m excited because I’ll be using my portion of the grant money to address these issues in a collaborative performance piece. We’ll start out by doing a few improvisation workshops, and create from what we discover there. I’m very excited to have the resources to rent a decent performance space, costumes, props, production equipment, etc.

The other grad students on my team are:
Robb Fladry– Studio Art/Electronic Media
Jeffery A. Hinzmann – Philosophy
Elizabeth Victor- Philosophy