Ellen Mueller

Vermont Studio Center

by Ellen Mueller on May 15, 2011, no comments

I’ve been in Johnson, Vermont for a whole week already!  I’m here for a 4-week artist residency with Vermont Studio Center.  It’s been a really great experience so far.  All our needs are attended to – they feed us amazing food 3 times a day, there’s a linen service, and they provide fun distractions in the form of artist slide nights, visiting artist talks, and writer reading nights.

I basically get up, eat breakfast, work in the studio, eat lunch, work in an office for 2 hours (that’s my work-study job), and then make more work before dinner, eat, then work into the evening or go to whatever events are happening.  There are about 50 artists and writers here, so I’m meeting all kinds of interesting people.

If I get antsy, I can go for a beautiful walk (it is Vermont after all).  I’ll post pics of the drawings I’m working on soon.