Ellen Mueller

Three Mouth-Light Arrays to Counter Frightful Darkness

by Ellen Mueller on April 21, 2009, 2 comments

Check out my latest art project!
It is titled, “Three Mouth-Light Arrays to Counter Frightful Darkness.”
It is a kit including an illustrated, glow-in-the-dark field guide and three mouth-lights.

The field guide illustrates how participants can complete three performances, or light arrays, which respond with playfulness to the fear normally associated with darkness. The images shown here document myself and some of my cohorts completing the performances. More images are available in this online album.

The experience is to be performed on a street corner or road-side. The three light arrays involve three performers with lights in their mouths, moving through choreographed formations detailed in this field guide. A fourth participant may act as a director and documentarian.

The piece is available online at my Etsy shop. Enjoy!