Ellen Mueller

“The End” with Small Craft Advisory Press

by Ellen Mueller on March 31, 2023, no comments

Here’s a collaborative project with Small Craft Advisory Press that has been YEARS in the making (we started in 2017!) Denise Bookwalter mailed this art book (run of 50) to me earlier this fall, and I didn’t get a chance to open it until now, due to a recent move.

This book, in the form of a giant folded and printed Mobius Strip (more still pics here), is based on 2 days we spent gathering individual views on the end of the world, both on a global and a personal scale. Imagery was taken both from our experience walking through various locations in Tallahassee, FL (interactions with people, angry geese, etc.) and through online participation (icons related to alarm, crowds, etc.).

Thanks collaborative performers: Denise Bookwalter, AB Gorham, and Kevin Curry – it turned out beautifully!