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Teaching Place Conference

by Ellen Mueller on March 6, 2020, no comments

Teaching Place Conference

UPDATE: This event will still take place, but ONLINE – webinar link will be shared with all registrants (so make sure you register!).

I am excited to host “Teaching Place Conference” on June 6, 2020 at 12-6pm. Register here: https://tinyurl.com/teach-place

This event asks higher ed instructors in art/design programs, “How do your frame “place” in your classroom?” The event features presentations, discussions, and activities. It is free, but registration is required.

This event takes into consideration a variety of media and modes of making (public art, documentary work, graphic design, environmental/eco art, social practice, place-based creative collaboration, rural engagement,  and beyond) in relationship to teaching the concept of “place.” Topics of discussion might include, but are not limited to, geographical considerations, issues of privilege and difference, plurality of histories, public engagement, intersection of curating and teaching site-specific practices, and so on.

Presenters include, Sanjit Sethi, Nicole Condon-Shih, Jen Caruso, Natasha Pestich, Alex Braidwood, Jojin Van Winkle, Billi London-Gray, Karen Gergely, Kevin McKelvey, Elise Kirk, Brandon Waybright, Greg Blair, Julie Libersat, Sophie Durbin, Susan Smith, Robert Bubp, Glenna Jennings, Leslie Grant, and Regan Golden.

Registrants will also have the opportunity to participate in a project exchange, as well as a crowd-sourced reading and resources list.

Teaching Place Conference
Line-up of speakers: https://tinyurl.com/teach-place
Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 12-6pm
Webinar link will be sent to all registrants