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Skagaströnd Review

by Ellen Mueller on February 14, 2016, no comments

Skagaströnd Review

My work is featured in the Skagaströnd Review. It is an artist book/magazine which retraces via archive photographs and artists productions the history of a small town in Iceland, which is also the home base of Nes Artist Residency. This magazine is an iconographic assemblage and artist Andrea Weber‘s tribute to this special place. 33 artists, including myself, have been selected to be part of the first issue of the Skagaströnd Review. The goal is to edit a review once a year or every 2 years. The Review will have 92 pages and is A4 size.

Most of the necessary costs have already been covered by the support of grants: the “Uppbyggingarsjóður Norðurlands Vestra”, the regional fund of Northwest Iceland, and the Minningarsjóður um hjónin frá Vindhæli og Garði, private funding from Skagströnd town.

Currently Andrea is crowd-funding the printing costs for 500 copies. The review will be printed by a printer in Iceland which is also known for art-book prints. Contribute here.