Ellen Mueller

Shots of the exhibit at Coffman Art Gallery

by Ellen Mueller on November 12, 2012, no comments

Here are some installation shots of my show with David Luke at the Coffman Art Gallery in Minneapolis…

If you’re in Minneapolis, swing by the U of M Coffman Art Gallery before Nov 30 to see some of my photographs!you are my master // i am your master
Through Nov 30, 2012

Coffman Memorial Union
Coffman Art Gallery
first floor outside of the theater

This photographic exhibition explores and juxtaposes the idea of humankind’s harmonious existence with nature alongside its inescapable tendency to dominate and master its environment, controlling it for its own needs. While Ellen Mueller concentrates on issues of intrusion upon nature by focusing on manifest destiny through the lens of satire with her photography, David Luke conversely reveals the thoughtful connection between humankind and its environment through photographic diptychs which pair food sources with a complimentary water source. Though different in approach, both artists congruently create a discourse for us, highlighting our differing relationship with Nature.