Ellen Mueller

Practical Preparedness

by Ellen Mueller on December 24, 2010, no comments

Video Still from “Creating Smoke Signals”

So I’ve dropped off the radar a bit in the past few months, but it’s because I’ve been keeping very busy preparing for the MFA exhibition that opens April 1, 2011.  As a part of my contribution to that show, I’m not only finishing up Book of Enid, but I have also started working on a series of videos, Practical Preparedness, which I’ve started posting on my Vimeo account.  Here are the first couple in the series of what expect will eventually be 20+ videos:

Estate Planning – 01:54 minutes
Creating Smoke Signals – 01:25 minutes
Maintaining Motivation After a Terrorist Attack – 01:25 minutes

This series of videos explores preparedness in our society, in addition to the everyday challenge of resisting change and maintaining control. It examines the fear generated by a world of non-stop exponential technological revolutions, the impending global climate change, and a media focused on an uncertain economic future that serves the omnipresent consumer culture. I use humor and absurdist situations as a method for dealing with these challenging topics in an indirect way, leaning on an element of escapism.

Happy Holidays!