Ellen Mueller

Photos from Land(s)craping Exhibition

by Ellen Mueller on May 30, 2018, no comments

Single Home [Installed]

Photo Credit: Emily Steward

Many thanks to Living Arts of Tulsa; they sent along these photos documenting my work in Land Sc(r)aping: Development, Community, Affect. This exhibition is on view through July 12; if you find yourself in the Tulsa area, please stop in to check out the show!

This group exhibition examines the concept of “environment” as an interstice between U.S. politics, economy, land ownership, materiality, and its communal and individuated impacts. Curated by Jessica Borusky, Artistic Director of Living Arts.

Participating Artists: Bill White, Aaron StephanEllen MuellerSeann StarowitzValery LymanNick PenaTali WeinbergCaitlin HorsmonBlights Out! 

Living Arts of Tulsa
307 E Brady St
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120