Ellen Mueller

“Paths Traveled” has launched

by Ellen Mueller on October 14, 2016, no comments


Paths Traveled is a collection of audio tours in and around Buckhannon, WV; available at:

Community members contribute audio tours of the town and the surrounding area. Subjects range far and wide — from historical information, to personal stories, to hiking and biking trails, architectural information, favorite places to walk a dog, geographical phenomena, best place to spot cats, favorite/least favorite locations, natural escapes, and various other points of interest.

Visitors and locals are encouraged to take the podcasts with them on their mobile devices, and enjoy the paths traveled throughout the Buckhannon area.

Currently, there are three tours posted on the blog, and I have 4 more in the pipeline. If you are interested in contributing an audio tour, please contact Ellen Mueller at ellen@ellenmueller.com

Paths Traveled is also available on iTunes.