Ellen Mueller

Ox-Bow Residency

by Ellen Mueller on September 10, 2015, no comments

Convent Studio

View of “The Convent” Studio from the outside. My room is the door on the left.

This week and next I’m at Ox-Bow Artist Residency in Saugatuck, Michigan (don’t worry – I have all my classes covered!). While I’m here, I’ll be working on some videos and 3D modeled/printed projects.

Basement Studio

I am shooting video in a basement space with track lighting.

I feel especially lucky to be here because last year at this time I was called away after only 1 day of the residency to take care of Phil after his bicycle accident. Ox-Bow has been kind enough to invite me back this fall to complete my residency, so here’s to new artwork!

Impulse Sealer

A still from some footage I’ve been shooting while at Ox-Bow. This is a machine for heat-sealing plastic bags.

Here’s a list of all the artists that are taking part in the fall residency program while I’ll be here:

Cudelice Brazelton, Jessica Hyatt, Sofia LeibyJesse MalmedLJ RobertsMitsu SalmonMelissa SteckbauerKwon-Yuan PanBlair BoginEllen MuellerVanesa Zendejas, Keith KosteckiAnne MuntgesIan PageDaviel ShyBriony GalliganEli GoldMary HillCarlie TrosclairAlex CohenHolly Murkerson