Ellen Mueller

Online Catalog for Environmental Impact Statement

by Ellen Mueller on September 23, 2016, no comments


In February 2016 I participated in the Portland-based artist collective Environmental Impact Statement’s Visual Quality Objectives, a project that invited artists of all disciplines to submit project ideas for a show that will not happen if logging commences on the north slope of Mt. Hood. All proposals were submitted as part of the public record for the Polallie Cooper Timber Sale in response to the Forest Service’s analysis of the potential impacts from commercial logging on public land.

Those proposals were exhibited in Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) + Virginia River Healers (VRH), an exhibition of the work of the two artist collectives from across the country, presented at SEDIMENT Arts, located in Richmond VA. The exhibition explored the potential for artists to be powerful cultural agents in interpreting the systems that shape our world, and the values that people hold for the future of our planet.

They published THIS expanded resource for projects, works, ideas and discussions that came into dialog with the EIS + VRH show at SEDIMENT gallery during the symposiums and workshops, and it includes my project idea along with everyone else’s.