Ellen Mueller

Now Published in Rainy Day Activities Book

by Ellen Mueller on January 23, 2010, no comments

Cool news – I can now say I’ve been published in the UK!

The field guide from Three Mouth-Light Arrays to Counter Frightful Darkness, a collaborative piece I worked on with Phil McCollam, is being published in The Wild Pansy Press Book of Rainy Day Activities, and will be available for free at “Crunchtime2010

The Wild Pansy Press has produced a publication in which a range of contributors make concrete suggestions for new cultural activities in a Post-Crunch society, with an emphasis on the practical, the cheap and the sustainable.  You can read more about this exciting project, and the artists involved at this link.

“Crunchtime2010” is a festival taking place in the City of York, UK, January 29th – February 6th, 2010.  Global issues and concerns are increasingly on the minds of everyone.  Using a variety of venues as galleries and the city’s sites and streets for projects, “Crunchtime2010” offers a snapshot of artists’ responses to the issues of living in the early 21st century.  Read more at this link.