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Mobile Screen Tour – Seattle Area

by Ellen Mueller on April 1, 2013, no comments

Map of the tour

Fun news – Manifest Destiny I and Manifest Destiny II will be included in Interstitial Theatre’s 2013 Mobile Screen Tour.  Interstitial Theatre received over 85 video art submissions from 4 different countries and 11 states. Over the course of the 6 month long Mobile Screen Tour, Interstitial Theatre will exhibit 17 video art pieces by 14 different artists across 8 neighborhoods in Seattle.  My work will be on view at all 8 stops!

Participating Artists:
Erin Elyse Burns, Seattle
Rodrigo Valenzuela, Seattle
Dakota Gearhart, Seattle
Sean Deckert, AZ
Ellen Mueller, WV
Cody Groom, Seattle
Joana Stillwell, Seattle
Maggie Schneider, MD
Sarah Bliss, MA
Daria Baiocchi, Italy
Michael Lorefice, Seattle
Jim Rolland, France
Yves Ackerman, France

Pioneer Square | April 4 | TK Building 5-8pm
Capitol Hill | April 11 | Vermillion 5-8pm
PhinneyWood | May 10 | Urban Light Studios 6-9pm
West Seattle | June 13 | ArtsWest 6-9pm
Georgetown | July 13 | Brass Tacks (pending) 6-9pm
Ballard | July 14 | Tractor Tavern (pending) 6-9pm
International District | September 5 | Prole Drift (pending) 6-8pm
Columbia City | September 20 | Columbia City Gallery 4-8pm

Please consider contributing to their KickStarter!  It’s a really fantastic program!