Ellen Mueller

"Manifest Destiny II" at FILMIDEO

by Ellen Mueller on April 11, 2012, no comments

Index Art Center presents:
7th annual film and video screenings

Please join us for this 7th installment of Filmideo. This year we were fortunate enough to have over 350 submissions to sort through, with many international entries!

This Saturday, April 14th, 6-10 PM
curated by Lowell Craig

Sheni Saavedra, Alyssa Lawler, Sanna Zhao, Juliet Williams: Our Stories (Newark, NJ)
Raisa Nosova: Dreamer (Newark, NJ)
Arthur Kobin: Hit and Dance (USA)
Benjamin Schultz: Casual Constructions (USA)
Moira Holohan: Untitled-sky- (USA)
Jonathan Johnson: Computing with Pines
Moira Holohan: Untitled-copied-
Patricia McInroy: To Do (USA)
Antti Savela: Cycle Finlandia (Finland)
David Theobald: Trill (UK)
Patricia McInroy: Inorganic Transmissions
Clint Enns: Connecting WIth Nature (Canada)
Ben Neufeld: When Dad Became a Man (USA)
Ania Moussawel: In Search of the Madeleine -Stuffed Grapeleaves-
Paul R. Jones: Leap of Faith (UK) 

Sophie Collier: Life Sentences (UK)
Mike Jacobson: Circus Freak (USA)
Roxy Topia: Im Not Perfect but I’m Perfect For You (UK)
Andres Cuartas: Fountain (Colombia)
Andrew Dunstan: Potential Employee (Australia)
Ellen Mueller: Manifest Destiny II (USA)
Andrew Dunstan: Six Weeks Later
Nenko Genov: Where is Your Head (Bulgaria)
Tina Wilgren: The Polymoids (Sweden)
Albert Merino Gomez: Les Baigneurs (Spain)
Daniel Geis: Country of Wolves 

Mike Jacobson: Good Mourning (NJ, USA)
Joe Pellegrino: Junky Romance (NJ, USA)
Henrique Amud Rodriguez: Artificial (Brazil)
Jared Katsiane: White House (USA)
Francesca Fini: Parnasus (Italy)
Victor Faccinto: Facts and Figures
Khalil Charif: The Messenger and His Double (Brazil)
Jean Michel Rolland: Smiles and Slaps (France)
Miguel Jara: Abelianas (Mexico)
Jeromi Walter: Appareil (France)
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