Ellen Mueller

Contract Signed With Routledge

by Ellen Mueller on August 28, 2017, no comments

Heather Mahoney, “Untitled,” ink and colored pencil – Copy/Synthesize/Morph exercise (copying Ryoko Akoi and Daniel Zeller) for Intermediate Drawing, 4 drawings approximately 8”x10” each, 2010

I’m excited to announce I will be publishing a new textbook, Remixing and Drawing: Sources, Influences, and Styles with Routledge. The contract has been signed, and now the process of wrapping up the text and securing image rights begins! (I’m going to be a little crazy for the rest of the year, just a heads up…)

For this book, remixing is defined as combining various works, or elements of works, to create something new. It introduces students to a wide-ranging timeline of related topics such as appropriation, cultural misappropriation, readymades, collage, photomontage, cut-up method of writing, assemblage, pop art, etc. The goal of the book is to help students understand and execute a comprehensive survey of their own sources, influences, and styles with emphasis on a central repeated assignment: “Copy/Synthesize/Morph” (see sample illustration above).

The content and format of the book is based on a drawing class I have been developing since its first iteration in 2010 (thanks also to classes in 2013 and 2017). I also presented on this subject at the 2014 CAA Conference.