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Spring Semester 2017 Re-Cap

by Ellen Mueller on April 30, 2017, no comments

The semester went really well! In 3D Design we focused on moldmaking/casting, 3D printing, woodworking/sewing, inflatables (pictured above). In Drawing II/Adv Drawing we focused on copying/synthesizing/morphing, as well as figure drawing and color (pictured below). In Video Art we went on a field trip to DC to see the Bill Viola exhibit at the National Portrait […]

Fall Semester 2015 Re-Cap

by Ellen Mueller on December 9, 2015, no comments

Today was the last day of classes! Overall the semester went really well. In Drawing I we worked through a bootcamp of exercises, learning the basics of drawing from observation. We also had a lot of fun and went on a trip to an old asylum in Weston WV. In 3D Design we made cardboard […]