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Call for panelists at SECAC 2013!

by Ellen Mueller on February 6, 2013, no comments

I just found out my panel on “Performing Help” was accepted to the Southeast College Art Conference 🙂 Now the challenge is finding people who want to present on my panel. Here’s the description:
SECAC 2013: Examining Artists Satirically Performing Help or Instruction
Call For Papers; Deadline: 04-20-2013

*Performing Help*
The idea of social practice has been widely discussed in the field of performance art, with scholars such as Nicolas Bourriaud and Shannon Jackson examining subversive resistance to social conformity. However, these perspectives have not specifically or directly addressed the growing collection of artists satirically performing help or instruction as social critique. This panel will examine these artists, their inspiration, creative approaches, and methods of disseminating work. Specific examples of the types of work this panel will examine include Stephen Colbert’s “Colbert Super Pac”


or the collective “Goatsilk,” and their “Killin’ It! with Paul Krik” series,


as well as their “Tea Party Artists” series,


with attention turned towards these artists’ impulses and tactics for creating and disseminating advice. Panelists are invited to compare these, and similar bodies of work, to other artists working in this vein. In examining this growing collection of work, we will shed light on this little recognized corner of artistic practice.

Session chair: Ellen Mueller, West Virginia Wesleyan College. Contact: mueller_e@wvwc.edu
Abstracts, maximum of 200 words, should be prepared before you complete the online paper proposal form at http://goo.gl/KtjAN
Please additionally send CV to mueller_e@wvwc.edu
If you’re interested, please feel free to submit a paper proposal, and if you can think of others that might be interested, please spread the word – I want to make sure I get enough people 🙂
The conference is in Greensboro NC, October 30-November 2, 2013.