Ellen Mueller

Artery 24 at The Soap Factory

by Ellen Mueller on May 28, 2008, no comments

DATES: JULY 5th at Noon – 6th at Noon, 2008
I will be performing at 5pm on July 5th.

I will be participating in Artery 24 at The Soap Factory.

Artery 24 is a new fine art performance event with a twist; the curators sought out participants who are not exclusively performance artists. The event is a non-religious appropriation of a 16th Century catholic ritual performed by visual artists such as Caravaggio and Prospero Orsi.

The principle of the event is: for each hour of a 24hr period, they feature a different artist/dancer/musician/comedian/actor or collaboration, with each participant executing an original fine art performance creation. Curators accepted proposals from artists, of all persuasions, working in any media.

Specific info on my performance:
The piece entitled, “Control & Death 2008: Time Travel & Consequences” is a dramatic performance exploring repetition and parallel universes. Control & Death features several characters who will share their thoughts and experiences with time travel. The work has a tone of paranoia, hinting at the insularity of shared conspiracy theories and experiences exclusive to small groups of believers. The work focuses upon imaginative description and demonstration of artist-constructed theories.