Ellen Mueller

Desktop Gallery

by Ellen Mueller on April 4, 2021, no comments

I’m excited to be the April artist for Loraine Wible’s curatorial project Desktop Gallery. Each month a different artwork is installed on her computer desktop for the entirety of 2021. I love this alternative model of showcasing work and the intimacy of it.

Online Critique Video

by Ellen Mueller on March 24, 2021, no comments

MCAD has these neat short teaching videos they produce, and I was honored to do one about online critique! (shoutout to Judith Leemann for “What? So What? Now What?” – credited in the YouTube description)

Talking at University of Hartford

by Ellen Mueller on March 23, 2021, no comments

I’m looking forward to giving a talk about grants (applications, budgets, planning, documents, etc.) to Caroline Woolard‘s professional practices class at University of Hartford on Monday, March 29.

Roadmap for a Successful Career: Goal Setting

by Ellen Mueller on March 18, 2021, no comments

Spread the word: I’ll be giving a short talk about goal setting as a part of the MCAD MFA Professional Practice Series on Thursday, March 25 at 6:30pm Central Time. This event is free, online, and open to the public – register here. This talk will focus on best practices for setting goals and reaching […]

Book Talk: Some Social Practice

by Ellen Mueller on March 11, 2021, no comments

On Wednesday, March 17 at 6pm, I will be giving a talk about my recent book, Some Social Practice, to Kevin McKelvey’s class on placemaking. McKelvey is the Director of the MA in Social Practice at University of Indianapolis.