Ellen Mueller

Professional Consulting

by Ellen Mueller on April 11, 2021, no comments

I accept one-on-one advising and consulting clients at $50/half-hour and $100/hour for a variety of topics. Pairs and small groups available upon request. I require 2-weeks lead time on document review requests to ensure I am able to give your project the attention it deserves. I do not accept rush orders. Please email me to discuss before you purchase – ellen.mueller@protonmail.com

For document review, I typically take on one project at a time when estimating review time/costs. For example, if you’d like me to review the materials for 1 job application (or 1 fellowship application, 1 grant, 1 book proposal, etc.), I can generally do that in 1/2 hour and email you the feedback (depending on the scope of the project, number/length of documents). Some people like to follow that up with a 1/2 hour zoom session to talk through the feedback — this is not required, but I like to offer it for those who request.
NOTE: Workshops, class visits, artist talks, and other speaking engagements available upon request. Different rates apply to accommodate the specialized preparation these engagements require.