Ellen Mueller

The Fitcilitator 1st EVER Fan Club Meeting

by Ellen Mueller on April 3, 2010, no comments

Come to the 1st ever Fan Club meeting for The Fitcilitator!

Friday, April 9, 2010
1:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: Just West of the USF Fine Arts Building (Tampa Campus)

There will be refreshments, and further discussion of exactly who The Fitcilitator is, and what the details of her existence are.  People will have a chance to enter the trading card competition!

We are also going to be doing all the tests from the President’s Challenge (sit-and-reach, pull-ups, sit-ups, shuttle run, and mile run). The winners of these tests will receive exciting Fitciltator attire and gifts. You can sneak a peak at the prizes here: http://www.zazzle.com/ellenmmueller

***Don’t worry, you don’t HAVE to do the tests – they’re just there if you want to give it a shot, or want to try to win the prizes.***

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Bring a friend or 5!

— About The Fitcilitator —
There are a few agreed-upon details, such as her vision, which is to help people pass the President’s Challenge, and her appearance, which includes red leg warmers, white sneakers, blue shorts, a red sweatshirt top, and a silver cape.

Beyond these facts, there is much debate as to the true nature of The Fitcilitator. At this meeting we’ll share thoughts on, and recollections of experiences (real or imagined) with, The Fitcilitator.

For example: Describe The Fitcilitator’s demeanor; If you could have The Fitcilitator help you with the Presidential Challenge, what would happen?; Describe The Fitcilitator’s powers; Describe The Fitcilitator’s weaknesses; Describe The Fitcilitator’s nemesis (or nemeses); Describe The Fitcilitator’s alter ego; List important sightings of The Fitcilitator in action (or at rest)