Ellen Mueller

Night Depository (2010) – Altar

Published on December 26, 2013 at 533 × 800 in Night Depository

Night Depository (2010) - Altar

2010, Fabricated altar and pigeon holes (wood, florescent lights, paper, pens, upholstery), approximately 8’x8’x20’

This work focuses on humans relating to each other through the shared experience of seeking a sense of control in their lives. This struggle for perceived control seems to stem from a resistance to change, and a fear of the unknown. I try to balance this sometimes unpleasant subject matter with a dry humor that emerges in much of my work.

The installation consists of an altar to anxiety dreams where participants were welcome to record and file away their negative dreams according to an elaborate filing system spread across six banks of pigeon holes. Viewers were also welcome to read the filed dreams of others at their leisure.

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