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Featured in NMC/Media-N article

by Ellen Mueller on September 28, 2015, no comments

The CAA Conference Edition (New York 2015) of NMC/Media-N (the journal associated with New Media Caucus) just released their online and print editions for SRING 2015: V.11 N.02. Tiffany Funk wrote a great article on the New Media Caucus Sixth Annual Showcase & Reception at Hunter College where I gave a brief talk on my […]

Shapeways and ExOne Event

by Ellen Mueller on June 26, 2015, no comments

Today I visited ExOne in the Pittsburgh area for a Shapeways event focused on their steel printing. It was very cool! We were able to see all the machines up close and see the production line from beginning to end. We were asked to bring samples of our steel printed pieces, so I brought my […]

3D Printing and Molding/Casting

by Ellen Mueller on June 20, 2015, no comments

I’ve been at Anderson Ranch Arts Center for the week as I participated in a workshop on Silicon Molds & Digital Process led by Lynn Richardson. We learned about Rhino 3D modeling software, printed 3D models on Makerbot 3D printers, and created molds of our 3D printed objects using silicon and casting in liquid plastic. We also had […]

A Week of Wind – Buckhannon

by Ellen Mueller on May 23, 2015, no comments

This new 3D printed porcelain piece, “A Week of Wind – Buckhannon,” just shipped for an EyeSplice Collective show at The Front in New Orleans. More on that later! These pieces are modeled after the wind forecast graph on the Weather Underground website (see example below).