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What Happens at the Intersection of Conceptual Art and Teaching?

by Ellen Mueller on August 12, 2020, no comments

This Saturday at 12:30pm CST, you can log onto Zoom and hear me speak for about 10 minutes about the Walking as Artistic Practice course that I teach – see you there! Here’s the Facebook Event. This talk is part of a conference hosted by Conceptual Art & Teaching – a marathon zoomposium, where 39 […]

“Mending” Exhibition

by Ellen Mueller on July 19, 2020, no comments

Excited to show a few works from my 2015 series, “Martha Says,” in Mending.  This work has never been displayed in Minnesota, so it will be great to have it on view with all these talented artists! Mending, a mobile art exhibit and conversation of a world in crisis, will be on view in the […]

Intro to Visual Criticism & Theory (for the Grad School Curious)

by Ellen Mueller on May 4, 2020, no comments

This summer I’m teaching a 5-week workshop designed as a brief introduction to visual theory and criticism through reading, writing, and discussion. We will examine common critical lenses (feminist, marxist, colonialist, etc.), the importance of context, themes such as the everyday, humor, privilege and difference, as well as two topics selected by the class (from […]

Walking as Artistic Practice (updated for Summer 2020)

by Ellen Mueller on May 3, 2020, no comments

Did you see my posts from last summer, and wish you could take my Walking as Artistic Practice class, but you were far away from Minneapolis? Good news! This summer I’m offering a new version that is online as a remote learning experience! This workshop is designed as a brief survey of some of the […]

Class Visit – How to Research Grad Schools

by Ellen Mueller on April 20, 2020, no comments

Last week I visited MCAD’s undergraduate Professional Practices course taught by Regan Golden-McNerney and Michael Kareken to talk about how to research grad schools. The students had excellent questions and the conversation was very lively!