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Return to Sender at Tempus Projects

by Ellen Mueller on September 9, 2011, 2 comments

I have a drawing in the upcoming exhibition, “Return to Sender,” at Tempus Projects in Tampa FL.  All the artists included in this exhibit received beautifully printed square postcards, created a drawing or other artwork on them, and returned them to Tempus Projects.

Opening Reception:

Friday, Sept 16, 2011 at 8pm

On view by appointment Sept 16-30, 2011

Exhibiting artists include:
George Anderton, Kienan James Almeida, Linda Armstrong, The Art Guys, Bradley Arthur, Ariel Baron-Robbins, Neil Bender, Harvey Benschoter, Dylan Berry, Mikel Bisbee-Durlam, George Blakely, Tate Bunker, Roger Chamieh, Jeremy Chandler, Jiarra Chiang, Elisabeth Condon, Jesse Cregar, Suzanne Camp Crosby, Edgar Sanchez Cumbas, Shara DeWitt, David Diaz, William Downs, Ljiljana Edmiston, Lyman Edwards, Erica Ellis, Leslie Elsasser, Sarah Emerson, Zesch Fallon, Cor Andrew Fahringer, Becky Flanders, Kendra Frorup, Ilse Padilla Fisher, Jeff Gibbons, Edward Gillum, Joe Griffith, Daniel Georges, Gregory Green, Scott Groeniger, Allen Hampton, Holly Hanessian, Lisa Harasiuk, Tyler Jopek, Carolina Sardi, Mario Schambon, Don Sizemore, Rebecca Skelton, Ryann Slauson, Alexis Kleinbard, Ina Kaur, Gabriel Kudela, R Land, Robbie Land, Robert Lawrence, Rory Laven, Terri Lindbloom, George Long, Diran Lyons, Ann-Marie Manker, Lynn Manos, Cynthia Mason, Mark Mothersbaugh, Eric McCafferty, Ellen Mueller, Justin Myers, Justin Nelson, Ashley Niven, Kym O’Donnell, David Packer, Roger Palmer, Sam Parker, Kurt Piazza, Bianca Pratorius, Jim Reiman, Babs Reingold, Herman Reller, Jim Roche, Erica Rohman, Cornel Rubino, John F. Russell, Shannon Richie-Lindsey, Edwin Smalling, Brian Taylor, Joe Tsambiras, Kevin Tsoiasue, Rumi Tsuda, Nichole Van Beek, Stephanie Wadman, Kirk Wang, Julie Weitz, Theo Wujick SP, Rob Yulfo, Anthony Zollo

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