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Z.Archive Exhibit

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Join me at the UMass Dartmouth Claire T. Carney Library Archives on Wed, Jan 31 at 6pm for a celebration of the new Zine Archive.

We have over 270 zines submitted from artists and designers around the world – come look through them all! These zines were collected through an open-call process I organized in December 2017. After the exhibition, all the zines will become part of the permanent collection at UMass Dartmouth.

Converge – a Video Exhibition

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What It Takes Series: Poms

I am excited for the Converge reception on Thursday! I organized this video exhibition of Massachusetts and Rhode Island-based alumni from Signal Culture Residency at UMass Dartmouth Gallery 244 (located in the historic Star Store Building, a restored New Bedford landmark).

CVPA Star Store Building
715 Purchase Street, New Bedford

Exhibition Dates: January 22 – February 3, 2018
Reception: Thursday, January 25, 5:30-7:30 pm

Nadav Assor – http://www.nadassor.net/
China Blue with Christopher Konopka – http://www.chinablueart.com/
Mark Cetilia – http://mark.cetilia.org/
Colleen Keough – http://colleenkeough.com/
Christopher Konopka – http://cskonopka.com/
Ellen Mueller – http://ellenmueller.com/
Wenhua Shi – http://shiwenhua.net/

Signal Culture, located in Owego, New York, was founded in 2012 by Jason Bernagozzi, Debora Bernagozzi & Hank Rudolph with the idea to create an environment where innovative artists, toolmakers, curators, critics, and art historians who are contributing to the field of media art will have time and space to make new work and to interact with one another. In January of 2014, Signal Culture began its artist in residence program and hosted over 40 artists in their first year. In addition to the residency program, Signal Culture has launched the Signal Culture Cookbook, various exhibitions, and a series of custom professional video and new media software applications for producing real-time experimental media artworks.

PRESS RELEASE URL: https://goo.gl/8yU1q8

Strategies for Letters of Recommendation

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Image Credit

Fun news: I’ll be leading a workshop on writing letters of recommendation at the 2018 CAA Conference.

Friday, February 23, 2018, 8:30–10:00AM
Limit: 20 participants
Price: Members $20, Non-members $35, REGISTER HERE

We will cover the basic structure and guidelines for writing letters of recommendation for individuals in a variety of situations (students applying for jobs/scholarships/grad school, colleagues applying for academic jobs/non-academic jobs/residencies, including when recommenders ask you to write your own letter of recommendation). We will identify ways to streamline the letter-writing process, including providing guidelines to students and colleagues for requesting letters of reference, and establishing a basic letter format to follow for various scenarios. We will also address ways of limiting unconscious bias, avoiding jargon, and troubleshooting difficult letter requests. Participants will be encouraged to arrive prepared to compose a letter of recommendation during the workshop (bring a copy of a person’s resume of major accomplishments to reference for content). Everyone should be ready to share the generic context of their letter (Is it for a student they have known for four years or one semester? Is it for a major grant or an academic job?). Workshop participants will provide feedback to each other as we go through the letter-writing process. Participants are also encouraged to bring any tools/templates they would like to share with the group. We will create a shared online folder of various resources and notes generated during the workshop.

Workshop Specializations: Networking and Career Promotion, Job Search: Applications and/or Interviewing Strategies, Funding: Grants-Fellowships-Fundraising-Scholarships

Required Workshop Materials: Charged laptop/tablet for typing, word processing software, materials for writing a letter of recommendation (bring a copy of the individual’s resume to reference for letter-writing), and note taking materials.

Fall Semester 2017 Re-Cap

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summary of semester

I finally have gotten around to my end-of-semester re-cap for fall 2017 (winter break has been a long to-do list so far!):

My courses included 2D Design (highlight was a field trip to Boston’s ICA), Foundations Seminar (notably, hosting visiting artist Sage Perrott and organizing a student exhibition of zines at the library), and Digital Fabrication (hosted two visiting artists – Joost During and Liz Welch – and organized a group exhibit). Also a big undertaking, I hosted a national conference on teaching social practice, which was a lot of fun.

Off to do a little bit of resting before diving into spring course prep…