Ellen Mueller

Book of Enid installed

Published on August 31, 2013 at × in Enid Series

This series of drawings focuses on narrative as a means of controlling one’s understanding of self and others.

Humans can create narratives to explain things that are out of their control or beyond their understanding. Examples of this use of narrative are found in media and news outlets, musically through concept albums, as well as in myths and religious texts. On a more individual level, humans can develop personal narratives to explain or justify various events or non-events in their lives that may or may not be based in reality.

This narrative falls into the latter category. The arc of the narrative follows a time traveler as she attempts to stop a violent conflict after it has already occurred. While it has specific personal meaning and a dry sense of humor from my point of view, I invite participants to invent their own explanations of what the narrative means.

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